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Tips to Improve Your Harvest

Posted by Cultivate and Equipment on 26 May 2022
Tips to Improve Your Harvest

Not to be confused with hemp, cannabis is  most frequently used as a recreational drug known for its soothing effects to aid the treatment of anxiety, weight, and nausea conditions as well as conditions in relation to nerve diseases, cancer and multiple sclerosis. 

When the herbal drug is used as a treatment, the cannabinoids within the cannabis plant are released from the plant and gradually bind to specific nerves and areas within the brain. Found on the leaves of the plant, the pain relief that occurs from the use of cannabinoids can last up to two hours. Cannabis can be produced in capsules, vapes, edible products, cigarette products and sprays. Cannabis is legalized within the federal law and scheduled as a controlled substance. 

Tips to improve your harvest 

Knowing when to Cut Your Plants 

The best way to improve your cannabis harvest is ensuring that you are cutting your cannabis plants at the correct time. If the plants are not at their peak point of resin production, cutting them is premature. When your plants are past the point of THC production, it is too late to cut them. So when is the best time to cut your harvest? Watch your plants closely. Once around 60% of their pistils are amber, it is time to cut them. 

Flush Your Harvest  

Flushing your cannabis plants produces multiple benefits including maximizing the benefits of trimming and dispersing the plants stored nutrients right before harvesting. To flush your plants, cut out the nutrients and pour filtered water into your plants growth source. 

Navigate and Select The Right Harvesting Tools 

The more sets of trimmers the better. The key to a healthy harvest is investing in the tools that you use. Rather than using trimmers that contain resin, protect the health of your harvest by having multiple pairs and always trimming your harvest with clean tools. 

Harvesting is a crucial moment in a cannabis plant’s life. Observing your plant for visual indicators, flushing it to disperse nutrients and using the right tools, will help make sure that your plant lives to its full potential. Remember to store your harvest in a dry, cool and dark place. Happy harvesting, and please contact us if you have any questions.
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