Commercial Dryers for CBD

Cultivate and Equipment offers a complete line of dryers that will produce a consistent end product. With decades of drying experience, Our team will customize a drying solution that will fit your process. C&E offers a complete line of Batch dryers and Continuous Flow Dryers to fill your need.

Decades of experience in drying and curing commodities like tobacco, ginseng, and herbs, have made our batch dryers tailored to offer quality products to the hemp and cannabis industries. Years of continuous improvement in our production processes offer improved efficiencies over any "custom field-built dryers" and bring consistent quality, and deliverable production timelines. C&E dryers are amazingly energy efficient, saving labour and increased work flow efficiency during harvest season. Always, giving piece of mind, that your product gets to market to world class standards with the best quality and consistency possible.

Commercial Dryers for CBD

High-Quality Drying Kilns and Continuous Flow Dryers

Mabre has a complete line of batch dryers and continuous flow dryers for hemp, flowers, and plants. Built-in North America and designed to dry any crop, C&E dryers ensure a consistent end-result. Over the years, our team has specialized in bringing efficiencies to the drying process, helping save you time, labor, and energy, and improving your workflow during harvest season.

Batch Dryers

Cultivate & Equipment has a drying solution for batch drying, for a range of commodities. Each batch dryer holds 10 stainless bins that can be carried by forklift, loaded and pushed into and removed from the dryer with little effort.

Each dryer is 40' Long x 8'6" Wide  x 8'6" High  with a 7 foot mechanical room giving you 33' total drying space.

Temperature ranges from ambient outside temperature to 165 degrees F. Higher temperatures can be achieved with customization.

Industrial Belt Dryers

If your production facility requires "continuous" flow for your process. C&E offers customized industrial conveyor dryers that work for virtually any commodity that can be dried. From small to large scale for continuos process. Continuous flow dryers can be customized from a choice of many different fuel types and heating capacities.

C&E can build your dryer for your process from 4' Wide x 16' Long  --  11' Wide x 70' Long.

Portable Batch Dryers

Looking for a mobile solution?

C&E is pleased to offer portable drying kilns. Whether you're starting a custom drying business or have multiple greenhouse farms, C&E can customize a mobile solution equipped with a dryer mounted on a flat deck, equipped with genset and fuel source that is totally turn-key.

After-Sale Service - The C&E Guarantee!

C&E backs every dryer sale with after-sales service, warranty, and support. We will support your local service technicians and/or offer Mabre technical service support to ensure that your greenhouse drying process is running smoothly.

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