Cure Advantage Curing Systems

Fully Automatic - The only “Data Driven” curing systems designed to get you the highest quality cannabis that will have your clients coming back.

Cultivate and Equipment is a proud supplier of the Cure Advantage crop curing system. Cure Advantage implements patent-pending curing technologies in the post-harvest curing process to achieve a higher quality product for greenhouses. By utilizing expertise in cultivation, engineering, and information technology, Cure Advantage designs and builds custom gas-exchange mechanisms for cultivation sites to enhance the properties of the product, as well as augment the efficiency of the curing process itself.


Cure Advantage Benefits for Greenhouses

Customers alerted when product has reached optimal conditions as calculated by our proprietary algorithms. By applying data analysis and using key metrics obtained by digital sensor arrays, Cure Advantage's eco-friendly curing system is able to:


  • Cure time (from 16-21 days to 6-8 days)
  • Mold and mycotoxin counts
  • Curing room ecological footprint
  • Labour costs
  • Time to market

And Increase:

  • THC content by up to 25%
  • Flower to popcorn ratio
  • Trichome quality enhanced from decreased product handling
  • Aroma due to enhanced trichome preservation
  • No burping allows for a reduction in product handling and enhanced security
  • Balanced moisture content
  • Medical-grade cleanliness and waste reduction promoted by a stainless steel container

Ultimately speeding up cannabis growers' ROI, and maximizing profits!

Download the Curing System Degasser spec sheet below.

The Cure Advantage Effect



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Cure Advantage Testimonials

"The monitoring and alerting has removed all of the guess work out of the curing process and Cure Advantage's consulting services have been invaluable to our organization!"

Isaias, Arizona Cultivation Facility 2017

"The lot that came from your machine tested at 30.6 % thca which is close to 7% higher than our other lots. This is great news".

- Andy, Nevada Cultivation Facility 2018

"Ever since we started using Cure Advantage I've cut down on labor needed to burp cure jars AND the product quality has gone up. I wish I had this 3 years ago!"

Bryan, Arizona Cultivation Facility 2018

"We love our Cure Advantage System!! Say goodbye to burping bins forever. Curing was begging to be properly automated & the Cure Advantage Team has done it right with this system that is modular & can be expanded to fit any size operation. They even help with the elimination or prevention of molds & mildew. Plus, they pull the moisture from the inside & evenly distribute it throughout the cannabis evenly, until over a dozen sensors tell you it's ready, you can also follow along in their system by logging on & checking the latest batch analysis!! How freaking cool is that??

Brandon, Arizona Cultivation Facility 2019

"I was very happy with the results from the curing system...I don't know if I want to use anything that has not been cured through your system from now on. I was very impressed with how everything in each canister was equally cured from top to bottom."

Kyle, Michigan Cultivation Facility 2018

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