Greenhouse and Indoor Air Distribution Systems

Botrytis, mold, and mildew hurting productivity and cutting into your profitability? Greenhouse humidity tough to control? And how about those darn microclimates?

Cultivate and Equipment's custom greenhouse diffusers solve all these challenges and more by using the latest greenhouse technology to easily and efficiently bring uniform air circulation from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall ultimately increasing productivity, crop yields, and profitability!

Put the control back in your hands with C&E custom diffuser solutions.

Greenhouse Air Distribution Systems

Greenhouse Diffuser Kits

We get it, your plate is full! From greenhouse airflow design to implementation, C&E makes the process of crop improvement easy with turnkey solutions that are ready-to-go. Our team of experts will walk you through the process, allowing you to enjoy improved plant health, consistent crop cycles, and increased profitability.

How do Cultivate and Equipment’s diffusers work?

Often overlooked during greenhouse design Is "air circulation" through your plant canopy, which is critical to plant health. Cultivate and Equipment's diffuser kits fill in that missing puzzle piece.

It's estimated that a single square meter of canopy can produce up to 3 gallons of transpirational water loss in a 24-hour period. Removing this canopy moisture is critical, and to do it effectively is with Climatized Air Flow with installed customized diffusers. No Moisture = eliminates environment of spores, molds, and fungi to incubate. Voila - problem solved!

Unique and Cost-Efficient Air Delivery

Perfect for microclimate control, our diffuser systems move air through the canopy!

Cultivate and Equipment brings unique air delivery through our engineered fabric air ducts and poly induction tubes deployed at or under your plant canopy. By optimizing air volume and static pressure within the grow environment, we ensure an equal atmosphere through your space and uniform air circulation through your plant canopy.

CO2 Delivery Made Simple!

C&E air system provides the perfect vehicle for CO2 distribution.  Right where your plants need it most throughout your plant canopy. Right at the life of the plant,--- the leafs surface!

Ready for happier plants and the greenhouse of your dreams? Contact Cultivate and Equipment for a free consultation today!

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