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Should You Invest in a Cannabis Curing Machine?

Posted by Cultivate and Equipment on 14 July 2021
Should You Invest in a Cannabis Curing Machine?

Cannabis curing is a critical process for cannabis that is meant to be smoked. Various biochemical reactions take place that can significantly improve the quality of the product. Traditional growers use mason jars to store the dried cut flowers and periodically open the lids to let the air out. As cannabis goes through the curing process, gases are formed as a result of biomass degradation. If they are not released, this can result in a poor-quality crop. This manual method becomes laborious for commercial growers who need to off-gas large harvests. Cultivate and Equipment offers an automated system that takes the pain out of curing cannabis as well as ensuring potency and consistent quality. We look at a few benefits of investing in a cannabis curing machine.

A Cannabis Curing Machine Lowers Mold and Mycotoxin Counts

If the cannabis plant is freshly cut and not dried properly, there is an increased chance that it will develop mold, mildew, or even rot. Crops are particularly vulnerable in high humidity environments. The best method to dry and cure cannabis is with a cannabis curing kit. This can help you control the growth of harmful mold and bacteria.

Moisture can be both beneficial and destructive to your harvest. It is essential that moisture is maintained at an optimal level inside the holding containers during curing. If too much moisture is left inside with no mixing or ventilation, mold will proliferate which can ruin the taste and potency of the cannabis flowers. If too little moisture is present, important metabolic processes will not occur.

Curing Equipment Increases THC Potency and Enhances Aroma

During the curing process, the compound cannabergerol (CBG) is converted to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which increases the potency of the cannabis flowers. The more CBG that is present in the plant, the higher the level of THC that it can produce. Another advantage of curing cannabis is that it can prevent terpenes and cannabinoids from evaporating. These volatile compounds can be lost during plant breakdown from bacteria. Curing is necessary to prevent the proliferation of these microorganisms.

An Automated Curing System Eliminates the Need for Burping

Burping is the process of releasing built up moisture-rich gases from the jars containing the cannabis buds. This necessary step improves the cannabis' aroma, making it more pronounced and distinct. At this stage, the cannabis starts to develop that sweet, fruity, and earthy smell.

Aerating the jars daily can be an easy task for small scale cultivators, but commercial growers need a more effective and less labor-intensive system to handle burping. A practical way of curing large quantities is through a cannabis curing machine. Cultivate and Equipment offers a medical-grade cannabis curing kit that utilizes stainless steel containers. Along with our degassing curing system that's equipped with sensors and synchronized with a cloud application, you can be sure that gasses are effectively purged and replaced with fresh filtered air.

Using a Curing Appliance Reduces Cure Time

How long to cure cannabis depends on your method and the available equipment. A cannabis curing machine is a great investment when it comes to drying and curing your pot if you are managing large harvests. It can cut the curing time from the usual 2-3 weeks down to just 6-8 days.

The curing process is an essential but often tedious part of cannabis cultivation. By investing in a cannabis curing machine, you can ensure the overall quality of your cannabis harvest. By cutting the curing time, you will have a faster turn-around and higher profits for your business.

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