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When flowering occurs based on your location

Posted by Cultivate and Equipment on 25 November 2022
When flowering occurs based on your location

The Cannabis Flowering Stage

As an avid cannabis connoisseur and tender to your crop, the cannabis flowering stage is when you get to experience the results of your hard work. The cannabis flowering stage is the fourth and final stage of a cannabis plant's life cycle. To identify when your cannabis plants are within the cannabis flowering stage, you can inspect your harvest for bud production as maturing buds are a key indicator that your cannabis plant has completed its growth cycle. 

How the Cannabis Flowering Stage Occurs

The earth’s rotation impacts the sun and the moon, our gravitational pull, humidity, climates, sea levels and the air. Just as the earth’s rotation determines our environments, it also determines the life stage of all living things within our environments, especially plants. The amount of hours of sunlight vs. darkness, which depends on the earth’s rotation and your geographic positioning to the sun is what enables your plants to enter the flowering stage. The process of your cannabis plant receiving and storing sunlight as well as darkness to mature and evolve is known as photoperiodism. During photoperiodism, your plants experience a varied amount of sunlight and darkness which furthers their evolution. 

When The Cannabis Flowering Stage Occurs

When your cannabis plants receive 12 hours of sunlight a day or less, they naturally enter the flowering stage as this final stage within a cannabis plant's life cycle, depends on around 10 - 12 hours of darkness to occur within your plants' environment. 

Your Cannabis Plants Life Cycle

The four stages of a cannabis plant's life cycle include germination, seedling, vegetative and finally flowering. The average flowering period for your cannabis plant is roughly 7-9 weeks, however, certain Sativa plants require a longer amount of time for their buds to fully mature.

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