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The Cure Advantage: About The Cultivate & Equipment Curing System

Posted by Cultivate and Equipment on 23 December 2022
The Cure Advantage: About The Cultivate & Equipment Curing System

What is Plant Curing?

Just like wine is aged, plants are cured in order for them to reach their finest states. Plants that are cured include bay leaves, tobacco plants, hemp, sagebrush and even leaves that are used in your hot cup of morning tea. 

The Cannabis Curing Process

An integral part of a cannabis plant's journey, the curing process takes place after your harvest is dried. The curing process removes residual chlorophyll and moisture that remains on your cannabis plants buds post-drying. By completing the drying process, the curing stage of a cannabis plant's journey ensures that your harvest is in its optimal state which is necessary for its strain and flower type. 

Benefits of Cannabis Curing

What is the result of the curing process? It is referred to as the stage that is so critical during a plant's life journey that it can either make or break the performance and value of your crop. Properly cured plants thrive, they maintain optimal colour, flavour, and moisture levels and the process of curing your cannabis plant not only maintains but improves the smokability and flavour of the flower. It is the aging and drying of a plant that creates cleaner smoke, and prevents mould. 

Protecting Your Crop

Curing protects the plant while promoting its flavours, and nutrients. Curing cannabis ensures that your cannabis plant maintains and protects its cannabinoids by ensuring that they do not evolve or evaporate. Post-harvest, cannabis plants decompose into fragments of enzymes, the curing process ensures that your cannabis plant preserves the essential nutrients that are released post-plant drying so that they maintain within the cannabis plant and do not go to waste. 


The Cultivate and Equipment Cure Advantage

Cultivate and Equipment is a proud supplier of the Cure Advantage crop curing system. Cure Advantage implements patent-pending curing technologies in the post-harvest curing process to achieve a higher-quality product for greenhouses. By utilizing expertise in cultivation, engineering, and information technology, Cure Advantage designs and builds custom gas-exchange mechanisms for cultivation sites to enhance the properties of the product, as well as augment the efficiency of the curing process itself.

Cure Advantage Benefits for Greenhouses

Customers are alerted when a product has reached optimal conditions as calculated by our proprietary algorithms. By applying data analysis and using key metrics obtained by digital sensor arrays, Cure Advantage's eco-friendly curing system is able to:


  • Cure time (from 16-21 days to 6-8 days)

  • Mould and mycotoxin counts

  • Curing room ecological footprint

  • Labour costs

  • Time to market

And Increase:

  • THC content by up to 25%

  • Flower to popcorn ratio

  • Trichome quality enhanced from decreased product handling

  • Aroma due to enhanced trichome preservation

  • No burping allows for a reduction in product handling and enhanced security

  • Balanced moisture content

  • Medical-grade cleanliness and waste reduction promoted by a stainless steel container

  • Ultimately speeding up cannabis growers' ROI, and maximizing profits!


Fully Automatic - The only “Data Driven” Curing Systems

Do you want Fully Automatic - The only “Data Driven” curing System designed to get you the highest quality cannabis that will have your clients coming back? 

Ready to maximize the efficiency of your greenhouse growth or build the greenhouse of your dreams? Contact Cultivate and Equipment for a free consultation today!
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