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How to harvest your summer plants in October

Posted by Cultivate and Equipment on 27 October 2022
How to harvest your summer plants in October

When is the perfect time to harvest your cannabis plants? Just look outside your window, or wander through the park during your lunchtime walk, the biggest and most common plants, and trees, are indicative of the significant changes plants go through during October. The weather is cooling and the leaves are changing. For cannabis plants, similar to trees, October is a great time for harvesting, aim for between the 10th and the 15th of the month. 

The longer you wait to harvest your plants, the more they sedate.

If you’re wondering if October is a great time for harvesting your cannabis plants, time is of the essence! Practicing patience and holding off on plant harvesting can be beneficial to enabling the trichomes to develop. However, that summer crop that you planted mid- June, should be harvested right away, as allowing trichomes too much time to grow can cause them to be highly sedative. The same rule applies regardless of strain, both Indica and Sativa can become as sedating as flowers, so get to harvesting this season! 

Consider October to be #Croptober!

Weed enthusiasts, cannabis growers and connoisseurs alike have dubbed October with the hashtag #Croptober on Twitter, to spread the seed-friendly seasonal delight. The Cultivate & Equipment team has the details on this trending hashtag, so you can enjoy the #Croptober trend. 

Where is #Croptober?

In the Northern Hemisphere the beginning weeks of Winter, between the first and fourteenth of November, mark the peak time that crops within this area are ready to be harvested. Along with raking leaves, and trimming their lawns, plant lovers recognize October as the perfect climate to trim, cut and dry their cannabis buds. This marks the peak enjoyment of the month of #Croptober, the true reason enthusiasts celebrate as this is the process that enables their plants for retail. 

Fresh #Croptober air 

What does Croptober air smell like? It is not pumpkin spice, but, breathing in the fresh October air around your facility will delight your senses with a combination of terpenes and aromatic esters. This distinct and intoxicating plant smell, only produced in Croptober, is a key indicator that your crop is ready for harvest 

Both your plants and savings grow during #Croptober

Along with October marking the season when your previously planted seeds are harvested and ready to sell, the ability to harvest your crops outdoors which is significantly less expensive than indoors, saving you a significant amount of money.  

For more seasonal harvesting tips, contact the Cultivate & Equipment team today! Our team would love to set up a free consultation or provide more information about any of our greenhouse growing systems, products, or services.
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