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3 Cost-Saving Greenhouse Heaters To Consider

Posted by Cultivate and Equipment on 15 September 2021
3 Cost-Saving Greenhouse Heaters To Consider

Proper greenhouse temperature management requires a greenhouse heating system to ensure optimal plant growth during colder months. Greenhouse heating costs will depend on the size, glazing material, and location of your greenhouse. For most growers, greenhouse heating can be a significant expense.  

We look into a few affordable and eco-friendly solutions for heating a greenhouse.

Biomass Hot Water Boilers are Eco-friendly Greenhouse Heaters

It takes a lot of energy for greenhouse heaters to maintain consistent warm temperatures especially during winter. Water boilers work by heating water to near boiling temperatures to produce radiant heat. They provide consistent heat throughout the greenhouse structure and do not affect the indoor humidity.

While water boilers powered by gas or LPG are a popular choice, rising energy costs and environmental concerns have prompted growers to consider other fuel sources. A biomass hot water boiler that uses wood pellets or chips can be a cheaper and more eco-friendly alternative. Wood pellets are energy efficient and their price is stable. They are a renewable energy resource and their low carbon emissions do not negatively affect the environment. 

Boilers Cultivate and Equipment offers a range of high efficiency pellet and wood chip biomass water boilers suitable for various heating demands. They are low maintenance and come with auto feed and auto ash removal. 

Controlling Temperature with Biomass Forced Air Heaters

A forced air heater is another winter greenhouse heating option. Air is siphoned from the room and heated using a furnace. Hot air is then delivered into the greenhouse through ducts, while powerful fans circulate the warm air. If your greenhouse requires indoor drying, this is an ideal solution.

In general, a furnace is cheaper than a boiler but since heating air is less efficient than heating water, energy costs also tend to increase. Choosing a biomass forced air heater can cut your fuel costs by half. Wood pellets and chips are readily available and are cheaper than gas or propane. Plus they are carbon neutral and better for the environment.

Cultivate and Equipment has over 50 years experience providing biomass forced air heaters to help you regulate the temperature in your greenhouse or livestock barn.

Harnessing the Power of The Sun with Solar Heaters

A passive solar heater utilizes sunlight to directly provide heat to the greenhouse. Heating through this system requires no pumps, fans or any artificial heat source. Black containers filled with water are used to absorb and retain heat throughout the day and release it during the night. One downside is that the sun can be unreliable on cloudy days and during colder months.

Active solar heating systems utilize solar panels to convert sunlight to electrical energy which is stored in batteries. These batteries are used to power fans, water pumps, and other equipment that circulate heat throughout the greenhouse. There is a considerable initial investment in solar panels, but the system pays for itself. It has zero emissions and is virtually maintenance-free. 

We can help you determine the best greenhouse heater for your needs. Contact our product specialists for a quote.

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