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Airflow in greenhouses

Posted by Cultivate and Equipment on 21 July 2022
Airflow in greenhouses

How important is managing the airflow within your greenhouse? From disease management to humidity reduction, ensuring that your greenhouse has proper air circulation decreases problems created by uncirculated air that jeopardize your plant's health. 

How Much Air Circulation Does A Greenhouse Need?

When implementing an air ventilation system within your greenhouse, aim for a minimum of 30 air changes per hour. You can determine the amount of ventilation needed within your greenhouse depending on the climate of your location. The hotter the climate, the more ventilation your greenhouse will need. For example, in places like Australia, aim for 60 air changes per hour so your plants can thrive within a hot and sunny environment. 

Greenhouse Air Ventilation and Pests 

The rate at which your greenhouse is ventilated determines the number of pests that can come as a result of improper greenhouse ventilation systems. Many overlook the correlation between fresh air and pests. 

How Does Greenhouse Airflow Work?

The air within your greenhouse needs to work in a cyclical pattern of fresh air coming in, with a system to circulate the fresh air once it has entered your greenhouse. Once the air is circulated, it can move continuously throughout the entirety of your greenhouse, ensuring that all of your plants receive fresh air. 

Airflow Encourages Evaporation

Plants thrive off of water, and the natural evaporation process that takes place by ventilating and circulating the air enables your plants to receive the perfect amount of water vapour. Circulating and ventilating the air within your greenhouse ensure that regardless of the climate, or humidity, the air within your greenhouse will quickly go through the evaporation process. 

Greenhouse Temperature and Humidity Control Systems

Creating the right environment for your plants, flowers, vegetables, or cannabis plants through effective temperature and humidity control is key to the success of your facility. From heating to humidity management, Cultivate and Equipment's greenhouse temperature control systems help foster the perfect climate and get your cultivation facility one step closer to a thriving crop harvest. Our customized heated greenhouses are designed with your needs in mind, ensuring the perfect environment for your crops.

Diffusers for Carbon dioxide & Photosynthesis

Ventilation brings fresh air and CO2 to give plants what they need for photosynthesis, it removes the old air that could have an imbalance of CO2 and oxygen which slowly suffocate plants. The levels of carbon dioxide within the air in your greenhouse must be maintained, otherwise, the growth and development of your plants are at risk. Cultivate and Equipment's custom greenhouse diffusers solve all these challenges and more by using the latest greenhouse technology to easily and efficiently bring uniform air circulation from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall ultimately increasing productivity, crop yields, and profitability!

How do Cultivate and Equipment’s diffusers work?

Often overlooked during greenhouse design Is "air circulation" through your plant canopy, which is critical to plant health. Cultivate and Equipment's diffuser kits fill in that missing puzzle piece.

It's estimated that a single square meter of canopy can produce up to 3 gallons of transpirational water loss in a 24-hour period. Removing this canopy moisture is critical, and to do it effectively is with Climatized Air Flow with installed customized diffusers. No Moisture = eliminates the environment of spores, moulds, and fungi to incubate. Voila - problem solved!

Humidity Control

Like heat, high concentrations of humidity can become trapped in a greenhouse’s environment. Although some varieties of plants thrive in high humidity conditions, most plants are hindered by the pathogens associated with high humidity levels. Just about every mould, fungus, and mildew thrive in high humidity conditions. Plants transpire moisture that, if not removed, can build up in a greenhouse, raising the humidity levels. It is also very common for the environment within a greenhouse to be affected by the dew point which causes condensation and excess humidity


A lack of airflow within your greenhouse can cause a multitude of problems, from spores settling on leaves, to wet or damp foliage. Ventilation and airflow management systems are vital to your greenhouses’ environment as airflow impacts the ability of your plants to go to photosynthesis, receive essential elements and complete reproductive cycles such as pollination. Cultivate & Equiptments’  approach combines "simple" greenhouse products with outstanding customer service to ensure your cultivation facility has the best odds of success. Contact us today for your greenhouse needs.
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