Biomass Hot Water Boilers

Mabre carries a Renewable Energy lineup of "High Efficiency Hot Water Boilers" from small to large heating demands. With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing biomass heating units, spread in over 50 countries makes Mabre a reliable heating choice!

Mabre's hot water boilers are used in many applications like greenhouses, poultry barns, small district heating projects where multiple buildings and domestic hot water can be heated with one boiler.

Mabre's biomass technology is very reliable with very low maintenance. Comes standard with auto feed and auto ash removal.

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Mabre's biomass technology among our customers is highly favoured because " its easy to use."

Mabre's hot water boilers are very low maintenance and are a very reliable heating source! Comes standard with automatic feed and automatic ash removal. Fuel efficiencies are 88%.

Does the Canadian Carbon Tax have you nervous about your heating costs?

As fossil fuel and Canadian Carbon Tax are increasing your heat cost, Mabre's renewable lineup of furnaces and boilers will save you the "carbon tax" that you will pay on the fossil fuel. Biomass Fuel Is Exempt from the carbon tax while saving money on your heating bills.

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